A Charitable Trust set up to own and maintain the Village Green and the provision, improvement, restoration, preservation and maintenance of the
amenities of the Village for the benefit of the inhabitants.

Vivian Ramsey, Bob Wallis, Geoff Lees, Sally Leach,  Brenda Rowland.

See newsletter page for latest update on events

We really do appreciate all the support we get but would love to see even more people from the village joining in the events which we organise.
  As you are no doubt aware, all the profit from these events goes towards maintaining our Village Green,
the Easter Egg hunt and the FREE firework display in November. 
So the more people who attend our events the more money we can raise - we can’t do it without you!


If any resident of Swanley Village would like to be included on the ‘Village e-mail list’ please contact
Rachel Wallis Mobile 07860 478257 email: SwanleyVillageRA@outlook.com, or Brenda Rowlands 662415, with their details

Thanks again for your support.  

Please call us if you have anything suitable which we can use as raffle prizes


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