Swanley Village News Issue No.114   June 2019
The Quarterly News Sheet for the residents & friends of Swanley Village

Useful Contact Details
Residents Association e: SwanleyVillageRA@outlook.com
Residents’ Association Secretary Sally Leach e: mustang01uk@yahoo.co.uk
Swanley Village Trust e: swanley_village_trust@yahoo.co.uk
Swanley Village Website w: www.swanleyvillage.com
Cllr Tony Searles t: 07769686100 e: tony@searles.com
Cllr Mel Foster e: Cllr.Foster@sevenoaks.gov.uk
Cllr Roger Gough t: 01959 525109 e: roger.gough@kent.gov.uk
Steve Vincent e: steven.vincent@kent.pnn.police.uk
Swanley Village Book Club / Walking Club Pat Wells t: 07400615245
Rev Johnny Douglas t: 07799072845 e: vicarjohnny@gmail.com
Swanley Village Life Group David Pearson t: 01322 614237
Swanley Village 100 Club Daphne Davis t: 01322 664710 e: davistweedlodge@aol.com
Hextable & Swanley Village WI Liz Davies on 01322 613640
Fly Tipping Sevenoaks District Council t: 01732 227000
Advertising in Swanley Village Newsletter e: SwanleyVillageRA@outlook.com

FACEBOOK We now have a community page on Facebook. To see and to tell others what is going on in the village,
 plus photos and news, search for ‘Swanley Village News’ We are also @swanley_village on Twitter

Glebe Gate : Volunteers (perhaps dog walkers?) are still being sought to join the group to lock and unlock the Glebe Gate, a.m. & p.m.
and in School holidays. If you wish to join this band of volunteers for a short rota period please contact Barbara Ramsey on 666668

Dates For Your Diary

Charity BBQ Tap Room St Christopher’s Hospice Sunday 2nd June 1-5pm Tap Room Highlands Hill

Swanley Therapy Centre Summer Fete
Saturday 8th June 2-5 pm The Old Vicarage

Litter Picking
Monday 1st July 10 am Meet at the School on Monday 1st July
Women’s Group Reunion
Monday 1st July 6.30pm The Lodge St Paul’s School
Ellenor Glorious Gardens Thursday 18th July 6-9pm The Old Vicarage

Quiz Night Saturday 19th October 7.30 pm Five Wents
Bonfire Night - Fireworks
Saturday 2nd November Village Green

WELCOME PACK - If you are new to the village and would like an introduction to all the activities and information regarding all your surroundings please call  Daphne Davis 01322 664710

Swanley Village Residents’ Association Chair, Bob Wallis, report to AGM Monday 20 May 2019.
During the past year the Residents’ Association responded to Sevenoaks District Council’s Draft Local Plan. In that response we supported small scale sympathetic development and opposed the large scale proposal to the north of Beechenlea Lane. At some point later this year we are likely to hear whether the Plan has been accepted by the Inspector. It is eminently possible that it will not be accepted and that changes will be required which may include consideration of these sites again. Various members of the committee have attended meetings that are part of creating the Neighbourhood Plan for Swanley – thank you Mark Johnson, David Sayers and Rachel Wallis. Some of you responded to the questionnaire via the email link. A consultant engaged by Sevenoaks District Council undertook a review of the Conservation Area and has made some recommendations for extensions at Lucas Farmhouse, Ascona and Argyle and at Old Place Stables. There was a public consultation about these proposals held here at the Red Lion. Barbara Ramsey and Sally Leach have attended the Swanley Partners and Community Together (PACT) meetings – where local issues including crime and anti-social behaviour are discussed. We held a footpath walk around the village on 19th January this year, noting and reporting a number of issues and places where paths are blocked. We will try to repeat this event annually. Thank you to everyone in the village who took part in a coordinated litter pick on 1st and 2nd March. This was supported by Swanley Town Council and by Toni Roast in particular who arranged for a skip. Special thanks must go to Mark Johnson who gave us use of his truck and trailer and to Ben Hulme, Head of St Paul’s, who provided some of his pupils to help and who also ended up covered from head to toe in muddy water. Thanks also go to Donna Hoy for organising a maintenance day on the village green in April. Special thanks to Ron Harper for the use of his van and for his bramble muncher; and thanks also to all those who lent their hands that Saturday morning. It remains for me to thank once again the fantastic Chris Banks who left the village and the county last autumn. In doing so I must also thank my wife Rachel for taking on the role of Treasurer and for becoming the editor of the village Newsletter which is kindly printed for us by the school.


Swanley Village Trust

Annual Report by the Trustees of Swanley Village Trust
The Cottage Allotments
A meeting of the allotment holders was held on 2 December 2018 at which the allotment holders raised various matters including dog fouling of the allotments caused by dog owners crossing the allotments to the gate into the road outside Elm Cottages. The gate has been renewed and a combination padlock attached. It was agreed to provide hedging to be planted on the Elm Cottages boundary. The Trustees had obtained a report on the wall adjacent to Swanley Village Road from a structural engineer, Peter Gower, and his recommendations are being followed up.
The Village Green
During the year arrangements had been made to remove all the woody material from the compost heap, with the assistance of local scouts who were raising funds.
The benches on the Village Green are also being refurbished and will be replaced as necessary.
The Trustees are very grateful to Chris Banks, Daphne Davis and Pat Wells who have put so much time and effort into the various fundraising and other activities. The Easter Egg Hunt arranged on the Village Green by Donna Hoy was followed by a quiz night on 28 April 2018 organised by Chris Banks. Following her departure from the Village and the loss of her expertise and enthusiasm in organizing events, the Trustees decided to continue with the planned events and held a very successful Quiz Night on 27 October 2018, with David Sayers kindly acting as quiz master. This was followed by the Fireworks and Bonfire night on 3 November 2018 which was also a great success. The Trustees are grateful to everyone who has assisted at these events.

We are also most grateful to Peter and Pat Cottell’s daughters who, following Peter’s death, organised a sale of Pat Cottell’s pottery and artwork on 17 May 2018; and to Rosemary Stowers who organised a Christmas craft sale on 17 November 2018. They both provided welcome very welcome financial support for the Trust. The past year has seen the completion of the eighteenth year of the 100 Club and the commencement of the twentieth year.
The Trustees are very grateful indeed to Daphne Davis who continues to put in such a lot of hard work to organise the scheme.

If you have a little time to help out with our events just email the trust and we will get in touch next time we are planning one: swanley_village_trust@yahoo.co.uk.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those residents that voted for me in the recent Town and District Elections. I was elected to Swanley Town Council by a small majority of 11 votes and missed out on Sevenoaks District Council. I look forward to representing the whole of the Village for the next four years. Should you wish to contact me my Mobile number is 07769686100 and email Tony@searles.com
Tony Searles Working for you

Laurence Ball, Clare Barnes and Melissa Foster were elected as the Sevenoaks District Councillors for Swanley Village.
Michael Horwood is Leader of Swanley Town Council

Melissa Foster is a new councillor for Swanley and works as a gas engineer. She lives in Swanley with her husband and three children. She also is one of the main walk leaders for ‘Every Step Counts’, a free community and very leisurely walk that takes place in Swanley Park on a Thursday at 10am

Roger Gough Kent County Councillor for Swanley Village         roger.gough@kent.gov.uk

Swanley Village Newsletter County Councillor’s Report            Roger Gough

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the County Council’s ‘pothole blitz’ got under way around the turn of the year, earlier than usual and so far Sevenoaks District is showing faster progress than the County as a whole in terms of potholes filled and patching carried out. Please report potholes and other concerns to the kent.gov.uk website as usual.
I had raised the issue of cleansing the culvert in Swanley Village Road with our drainage team and am pleased to see that this took place last month. I will discuss with the Residents’ Association the best ways to ensure timely cleansing in future.
Kent Highways have, as I had indicated in the last newsletter, recently treated Swanley Village Road with microasphalt
 following patching works carried out in October and January.
With respect to HGVs in the village, I held a meeting with Kent Highways and Watts Farms, who have devoted a great deal of effort to seeking to ensure that suppliers and contractors do not come through the village, and we have discussed some signage changes that should also help.
As ever, I can be reached by phone (01959 525109) or by email, roger.gough@kent.gov.uk My website, www.rogergough.blogspot.co.uk reports on what I'm doing across the Sevenoaks North and Darent Valley Division, and I am on Twitter @RogerGough2

We have asked for another dog waste bin to be sited near the entrance to the school. Before Christmas the normal litter bin was full up with dog waste representing a health hazard. We should be grateful if dog walkers would use the special bins provided.
The Community Payback team, which has been tidying up the area around the churchyard, is now also doing some maintenance work on the village green every Saturday.

A Gentle Reminder! Composting is no longer available to residents but some people are still dumping their green waste and leaves on the Village Green!!
There is a programme of works being undertaken during 2019 to ensure that the village green is a beautiful place for us all to enjoy.

Do you have a village ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ sign or road sign near your property? Many are overgrown with foliage
 – if so, could you please cut the growth back so that the signs are more visible. The signs are there to make the Village safer!

We had a very successful Spring Show in April which was well attended by villagers and gardeners and it was a real pleasure to show off the flowers in the beautiful setting of St Paul’s Church. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day donating cakes and especially to Rosemary and Bernard Stowers for assisting with the difficult task of judging the entries.
Calling all Allotment holders and other keen gardeners.
We will be holding an Autumn Produce Show later in the year so please look out for the date and bring along the fruits of your labours over the summer months.

Garden Safari 2020
in aid of the Ellenor x

Last year we had an extremely successful garden safari with villagers opening up their gardens in aid of the ellenor, our local hospice. We plan to do this again and are looking for volunteers to help us support this worthwhile cause by opening their gardens or assisting on the day. Please contact me if you are interested Donna Hoy (Tel 07958688211 or email donnahoy@icloud.com)

Top Gardening Tips

Protect our bees and gardens without the use of expensive chemicals to manage pests
1. Bugs can be washed away with soft soap or squished with your fingers.
2. Use companion Plants & Encourage good bugs Planting certain plants together can deter certain pests. The marigold, Calendula officinalis, repels whitefly from tomatoes and can lure aphids away from beans. It also attracts beneficial insects, including ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies, which prey on other insects.
When planted with French and runner beans, the nasturtium, Tropaeolum majus, acts as a sacrificial crop, luring aphids away from the beans. Its flowers help attract beneficial insects, which prey on aphids.
The strongly scented leaves of mint, Mentha spicata, confuse pests of carrots, tomatoes, alliums and brassicas, and deter flea beetles. But grow it in a pot, or it could smother your crop.
3. Slugs and Snails removing by hand is the best way but can take time. Consider a beer trap – they are attracted to the smell of beer. They also prefer a smooth surface so protect your plants by putting crushed eggshells or wood ash around them because it is harder for the slugs to slither across.

4. Vespa velutina, sometimes known as the 'Asian hornet.' Watch out for this!
If you find one you must report it. It arrived in France in 2004 and has spread rapidly. As a highly effective predator of insects, including honey bees and other beneficial species, it can cause significant losses to bee colonies, other native species and potentially ecosystems. It is expected that the places it is most likely to be found in numbers are in southern parts of England (it may be able to cross the channel from France) or in goods among which it could be accidentally imported (such as soil with imported pot plants, cut flowers, fruit and timber). Active between April and November (peak August/September).
Please remember if you are buying plants we have a discount card with Provender Nurseries in Leydenhatch Lane which you are welcome to borrow. If you still have a card could you please return it to me so others can use it thank you? Donna Hoy (Tel 07958688211 or email donnahoy@icloud.com)

SWANLEY VILLAGE ‘100 CLUB’                                  YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT
The 100 club is run by Swanley Village Trust and all profits go towards maintaining the village green and to help pay for other activities in the village
 including projects like the wonderful free firework display that we all enjoy. These are the Lucky Winners in the latest 100 Club Draws
£100    Grace Friend   
£50 Tom Canty; Terry Crowhurst; Vivian Ramsey; Clive Howell
£30 Laura Durrant; David Watkinson; Warren Cope; Paul Durrant; Marian Lee; Linda Harper
£15   Julie Bullen; Mark Beale; Helen Swinfen; Sally Cheeseman; Barbara Walden; Andrew Conroy; Julia Samuels; Pauline Pearson; Ian Beale;
Trudy Kilcullen; Jill Norman & Chris Evans
If you are new to the village or haven’t taken part before there are some places available.
If you would like to join and support our lovely village please contact Daphne Davis by email: davistweedlodge@aol.com.

Another season is underway. We had a good start with a win over a Division 2 Team, Sidcup 3 – 2, in the Cup Competition. The next round awarded us a bye putting us forward into the second round where we were lucky to draw a Hartley Team. They are also in our division, Division 3; therefore we avoided drawing one of the top sides. We have had an OK start to the League so far this season. We had two unlucky losses, losing 3-2 in both matches; one game went to the wire as a loss by 13-12 in the final. But c’est la vie, it has been a better start than last year. We are welcoming David Sayers and Mike Brown to the side this year. David having to pass a tough trial to be accepted (he turned up and proved a natural). Mike has played with us before so his capabilities have already been proven. Finally, many thanks again to Liz at The Lamb for excelling in providing a magnificent buffet for every home game, they are the talk of the League for their generosity Steve Wells 01322 871880 – 07400 615245

DO YOU ENJOY A GOOD BOOK, A GLASS [OR TWO] OF WINE AND NIBBLES? If the answer is "yes" then you will find a warm welcome at the Swanley Village Book Club. We meet on a monthly basis on the last Thursday of the month at 7.30 in the Red Lion or The Lamb. We are an informal group and enjoy reading a wide range of books - but definitely not highbrow! Whether you are a newcomer to the village or an existing resident, this is a great way to share your enjoyment of books with other like-minded people....and make new friends. If you are interested in joining us or would like to know more about us, please contact me – Pat Wells – 01322 871880 or07400 615245 pattywells@hotmail.co.uk

Walking Group
There are a few of us in the village who regularly meet up on a Tuesday morning at 10am to walk - weather permitting. It is a great way to get to know the area.
The walks are gentle, sometimes dog friendly and sometimes not. We have a few tried and tested walks and always include lunch in a pub or cafe.
If you would like to join us contact Pat Wells 07400 615245 who will add you to our WhatsApp group.

The Reunion Women’s Group Monday 1st July 6.30pm Village School in The Lodge
We now have a new venue at The Lodge, a new addition to the village school. As it is some time since we all got together and there are new people in the village it seemed a good opportunity to have a summer get together and catch up with everyone. Please come along and join us for a few drinks and nibbles on Monday 1st July at 6.30 pm.
If you require a lift please let me know tel 07958611774 or holbornhen@aol.com Sandra Canty

St. Paul’s CE Primary School
Terms 4 and 5 saw St. Paul’s open its doors to our fantastic new learning space ‘The Lodge’. This much needed new space is being used for group work, meetings and quiet zones for children to enjoy at break and lunchtimes. As well as school funds, considerable donations have come from the PTA, and ShareGift; for which we are very grateful.

The children have benefited from the many extra-curricular trips that we offer here at St. Paul’s, such as a trip to London to watch a production of ‘The Monstrous Child’ at the Royal Opera House, a visit to The Tate Modern for a workshop with a professional artist and a trip to Sevenoaks Oureach for a Science Fair.

The children continue to thrive in sporting fixtures; our boy’s football team made it all the way into the Dartford Small-Schools FA Cup Semi-Finals of the Small Schools League. The boys got to play their match at Princess Park, and after a brave battle, lost their game 5-4 in a thrilling penalty shoot-out. A team also represented us in a Handball Competition organised by Kent Games, where we narrowly missed out on first-place by goal difference. Our KS1 children entered a mini-tennis competition at David Lloyd Dartford, and had an amazing time learning lots of new ball and racket skills.

Ten Children from KS2 joined Swanley Village residents for the ‘Great British Spring Clean’ along Swanley Village. We were also joined by employees from Swanley Council and managed to clear a huge amount of rubbish away! This was such a great opportunity for our children to learn the true meaning of being responsible and active members of their local community.

During the build-up to Lent, the children took part in this year’s 40 acts of kindness. They joined forces with over one hundred thousand people who have completed this challenge during Lent. For example, children took the opportunity to sit next to somebody they wouldn’t normally get the chance to. It taught children the invaluable qualities of empathy, patience and tolerance.

Our PTA and helpers set up our annual Easter Egg Hunt across the Glebe. Beech Class led the Easter Service for the school community. The children spoke so confidently and articulately about the Easter story and were able to lead the congregation in song and prayer.

The school was recently inspected by the Church of England under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) Framework. The inspector spent a day at our school, speaking with staff, governors and our wonderful pupils. She was particularly looking to see the Christian distinctiveness of the school and how children demonstrate Christian values in their learning and behaviour.

We were very proud at the strengths highlighted in the report such as ‘the Christian vision has resulted in a broad and rich curriculum that caters for the needs of all pupils’, ‘pupils behave exceptionally politely and show consideration towards each other’. We are very proud of the children in our school, the staff that work tirelessly to make a fantastic learning environments, and the families that support us in our work.

Finally, St. Paul’s recently hosted ‘A Night of Young Voices’ in St. Peter’s Church, Hextable. This was an opportunity for families to experience the work the children had been doing in preparation for performing at the Young Voices Concert at the O2. Over 200 audience members were treated to a trip down memory lane, with music from across the decades. The children were absolutely amazing and there was much pride in the room watching them sing, dance and enjoy the night. A huge thanks to Mr Johnson for co-ordinating the whole event. We are hoping to make this an annual event to celebrate singing across the school – so look out for this next year, it would be fantastic if more of you were able to join us!

St. Peter’s, Hextable & St. Paul’s, Swanley Village

Thanks to all who shared with us over the recent Easter season, esp. in the walk of witness from St Paul’s to St Peter’s on Good Friday morning.
We were greatly encouraged by the many new faces at various events over Easter.
Our continued aim is to better serve our communities. At our annual parish meeting recently, we added 33 new people to the church membership; many of these from our villages, with no previous church connection. You will have recently received a card through your door offering prayer and spiritual support as part of the 2019 worldwide ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative. We also want to serve villagers practically and, as part of this, are welcoming use of St Paul’s for events and meetings when it isn’t being used by the church. If our spaces can ever serve you, do just ask!
St Paul’s and St Peter’s are one church family in two locations giving different expressions of Christian worship in the parish. You are so very welcome at any of our Sunday services are: 8.30am - spoken Holy Communion at 8.30am (about 40 mins) at St Paul’s 10.30am - informal service of band-led worship, teaching and ministry, with a full programme for children and youth during the service (about 75 mins) at St Peter’s 6.30pm - traditional evening worship service (about 60 mins) at St Paul’s. 7.30pm ‘Overflow’ - a contemporary-style service of worship first Sunday of the month (about 60 mins) at St Peter’s Should you ever wish a cuppa and a conversation, I would gladly welcome you in the vicarage. I make a very decent coffee! Blessings and thankfulness for our community,
Revd Johnny Douglas vicarjohnny@gmail.com 077990 72845 Swanley Village ‘Life’ Group The new ‘term’ for the Swanley Village ‘Life’ Group is well underway and breaks for the summer holiday on the 18th July. The group meets fortnightly on Thursday evenings at 7.45pm, normally at the ‘Old Vicarage’ but also in other homes in the village. ‘Life’ groups, based in various homes in the area, are to help the church achieve its objective of being at the very heart of our community. They not only provide an important spiritual focus but also help with the more practical issues of everyday life. Anyone is welcome to join us whether or not you are part of St Paul’s, St Peter’s or any church. If you are interested please contact the leaders, David and Pauline Pearson, Pine Cottage, Beechenlea Lane - 01322 614237 or 07836 376 803. For more details of all these and other services and events see www.stph.org.uk or ring the church office on 01322 662320

Looking for a space for a meeting or event in the village?
To many, St Paul’s is a beautiful church building in a lovely setting used for worship and special celebrations like christenings, weddings and funerals, but we want it to be more than that. For most of the week it stands empty and we would love to share the facilities we have with the village.

There is a space at the back (near the entrance) which is available for small group meetings. The larger church area might suit a display or performance in keeping with the church and its limitations in terms of its fixtures eg pews and altar area. If you are interested in discussing possibilities, please ring the church office on 01322 662320 and speak to Sue Haward or email office@stph.org.uk

Basketball Coming to Swanley by Richard Sterling Surrey Chairman, Sevenoaks Suns Basketball Club
We at the Sevenoaks Suns are hugely excited to be expanding our operations into the Swanley area. Much attention has been given to our plan to build a sports arena and community centre at the former driving range behind the Olympic. However more important and exiting from our point of view is the opportunity to help Swanley area youth to become more committed to a healthy, active life-style. Recent government studies show that children in school today have life expectancies which are years shorter than those of their parents. This shocking situation is largely attributable to the sedentary life-style adopted by so many of today’s young people. This is a situation the Suns are committed to changing.

The Suns Arena is an essential part of our plan to expand our community outreach in Swanley. The arena will function as a community leisure center and will be open for use by all members of the public. During school hours, facilities for use by local schools. During afterschool hours, we expect that much of the facility will be used as a youth centre, at low or no charge for kids who want to engage in a range of sporting activities. Of course, the arena will also serve as the base of our community coaching activities. So, upon completion, the arena will more than replace the facilities lost through any partial closing of the White Oak Leisure Centre. Many Swanley area clubs have contacted us to express their strong support for the arena project. Football, netball, gymnastics, rugby, athletics, hockey, dance and boxing, to name a few – all these have contacted us to tell us how much the need a facility like the Suns Arena

Current plans call for the Suns Arena complex to include a show court, a 2-court basketball training hall, a 2-court multisport training hall, a dedicated gymnastics hall (including spectator gallery), an outdoor 5G all-weather pitch, in addition to spaces for boxing, martial arts, dance, strength and conditioning facilities, a resident physiotherapy practice and inhouse catering facilities. The show court will accommodate seating for up to 1,000 spectators and include designed-in broadcast facilities. It is expected to host matches by top level netball teams and British Basketball League teams, in addition to the Suns’ WBBL champion team. As the Suns expand their operations into the Swanley area, we seek to expand our involvement with local schools. We are a youth-oriented charity whose mission is to help kids become self-confident, responsible young members of society who have made a healthy lifestyle part of their day-to-day life. In every community where we are active, we have strong ties to local schools. In the Swanley area, we see that there are a huge number of kids who are keenly interested in basketball, but there is no local infrastructure through which they can get involved in the game. We aim to address that deficiency.

We know from experience that basketball is a great vehicle for getting kids to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle. Basketball has the greatest cardiovascular demands of any sport we know of – – even more than Nordic skiing or rowing. More importantly, it’s a lot of fun and
very engaging. Every player is no more than four or five seconds from scoring or being scored upon. There is simply no time to become bored or disengaged while the ball is down at the other end of the pitch. Kids of all abilities get caught up in the rapid action and stay engaged.

For those who don’t know the Suns, we are one of the leading basketball clubs in England. The Suns women’s’ team are back-to-back champions (2017 & 2018) of the Women’s British Basketball League (the “WBBL”), Britain’s top women’s professional league and the winners of the 2017 National Trophy. In addition to the WBBL team, the Suns run roughly a dozen age group teams for boys and for girls. These teams compete in by national and local league competitions. During fifteen years of operation, the Suns have won 21 national championships and 10 silver medals and 4 bronze medals in national championship competitions across all age groups. During this period, 42 Suns have represented England and/or Great Britain in international competitions and 19 Suns have gone on to play university basketball in the United States (almost all on full scholarships). Our most advanced girls and women compete on our WBBL team. Although the Suns produce elite players, we are not an elitist club – we work with any boy or girl who wants to work hard to get better. We have never turned away a kid because of inability to pay and we are adamant that this continue to be the case. We are committed to offering financial assistance to any boy or girl who wants to play, which we do by offering both scholarships and bursaries to pay for the cost of registration and court hire.

While we are proud of our competitive successes, winning is not our primary objective; our goal is to help young people develop into mature, confident and self-reliant individuals – individuals who can work constructively as part of a team, deal with the social and individual pressures of success and failure, understand the focus and effort required to achieve excellence in any endeavor and can perform well in a challenging environment. We are excited to work with the people of Swanley to get more kids active and to helping those kids grow into responsible and constructive citizens.

Wilmington Country Market
It is held every Thursday morning 9.30-11.30. at the Village Hall by the mini roundabout and is on the 477 bus route. We sell homemade preserves, savouries and cakes, meat from a local Butcher and locally produced cheese, bread from a local bakery, home grown plants, fruit and vegetables and a variety of craft items, including greetings cards. There is a very friendly atmosphere and it makes a pleasant place to meet up with friends for a chat over an inexpensive cuppa and a piece of cake!

We are a friendly group and we always welcome new members. There are interesting speakers and activities throughout the year at our monthly meetings and a varied programme within the District too.
The W.I even has its own College in Oxfordshire, which offers a huge range of subjects from crafts to public speaking.
Why not join us one month, as a visitor, to see if you like us?
We meet at Five Wents Memorial Hall for a 7.30 start on the 4th Thursday of each month. For more details please contact Liz Davies on 01322 613640

Large Hall & Car Park Good hire rates for parties/meetings/children’s parties etc BOOKINGS CAN BE MADE AT THE HALL ON SATURDAYS 9 – 10.15 a.m.

Oaks Cafe Deli
7 Manse Parade Swanley Kent BR8 7DA tel 01322 666655
Opening Times Monday to Friday 07.30am to 4 pm

From the beginning of May we are open for afternoon/cream teas & lighter bites from 2pm to 4pm on Mondays to Thursdays booking recommended. Fridays can be booked for larger groups or private functions.
We are regularly changing our menu and are pleased to include a new addition to our menu - Vegetarian Eggs Benedict (2 Poached Eggs and Avocado or Halloumi on a Toasted Muffin with Hollandaise Sauce). Usual Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale also still available.
We also cater for business lunches & private parties.

ANDY THOMSON  01322 660733 / 07989197899 Painting & Decorating Specialist based in Swanley Village Internal & External – free estimate

Richard Reddington Building Contractor 07896112421 reddington77@yahoo.co.uk
I have over 40 years experience in the building industry with the majority of my work coming from recommendations, one job leading to another with larger work carried out with trusted qualified tradesmen. All types of building work undertaken, including: Extensions, Loft conversions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Brickwork, Plastering, Decorating, Patios, Fences etc.
Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation free quotation

Baby Sitting Service
My name is Christian Sayers I am 18 years old and live in Swanley Village. I am CPR and First Aid Trained and I have experience volunteering with young children, including children with special needs. I have references and would be very happy to come and meet you and your children if you would like me to. Please feel free to call me on 07503234876 or email me on christiansayers01@gmail.com

 01322 668584 / 07966 999260

HONEY FOR SALE (£6 per lb jar 454gms)
Collected by my Bees at Elizabethan Cottage, Swanley Village Rd
Beekeeping since 2009 Donnahoy@icloud.com

Swanley Village Film on DVD
 This film made in 1976-7 is a documentary including a tour through the village and interviews with the local characters in the village at that time.
Featuring The Lamb, lace making, Church, racing car preparation for Brands Hatch etc. It also covers the Silver Jubilee Party on the Glebe in 1977
and features shots of the village people and children at St Pauls School (it could be you) in the egg & spoon and 3 legged races.
Previously on VHS, it has been made into a DVD. £10 per dvd.
 Contact Dennis at 2 Beechenlea Lane, Swanley Village, Kent BR8 7PR           dmolyneux@talktalk.net or phone 01322 669523

We help create healthier homes by reducing the harmful chemicals and waste that challenge our health and our environment.
Products for the Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, Body Care, Skin Care, Kids, Sport, Pets, Car
Save time: Significantly reduce cleaning time and the use of cleaning products Save money: The average household spends up to £203 per year on disposable household cleaning supplies Save the Environment: Reduce exposure to toxic fumes and harmful chemicals from cleaners Reduce paper towel use and lesson contributions to landfills Decrease air and water pollution from harmful chemical cleaners Preserve the environment for future generations
If you are interested in finding out more, Phone  Jennie on 07967 530 218


Before & after Retouching                                  Pet & Family Portraits

Collection of old photos of the Village & Hextable & nearby villages.
Family Albums compiled from your treasured family photos with titles.
Restoration old  faded or damaged photos (See above)
Phone for a quote without obligation. Dennis on 01322 669523 Mobile 07 5050 37333
or email dmolyneux@talktalk.net

WOODLANDS SERVICES Woodlands Building Services Glen Gould, 1 Olive Villas, Swanley Village Road BR8 7NL Tel: 07947556070 Plastering, Rendering, Interior and Exterior decorating. UPVC Facia Soffit and Guttering. Brickwork, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrics, Fencing, Drives, Patio's, Turfing including Artificial Lawns. Kitchens and Bathrooms. Free estimates and advice. No job too small.

Louise Reddington Beauty Therapist
Tuesday 9am – 1pm 2pm – 8pm Thursday 9am – 1pm 2pm – 6pm Please note times are subject to change without notice

The Birkbeck Clinic 77 Pickford Lane Bexleyheath Kent DA7 4RN Tel 0208 301 2222 / 0208 303 2928 email: birkbeckclinic@hotmail.com

I am a fully qualified beauty therapist with 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry. I pride myself on being extremely knowledgeable and professional in my field and have high standards of customer service. I am fully trained in Dermalogica skin care and have achieved the prestigious Dermalogica expert status, so whatever your skin concerns I can advise and help you with the correct product selection, skin care regime and maintenance. I use the award winning Jessica upscale nail polish & Jessica GELeration soak off gel polish for long-lasting manicures and pedicures.

Radiance Spraytans Come and visit us to get your healthy glow for spring and summer UKs leading Brand Sienna X First Tan £15 Prom Tans ONLY £10! Based in Wilmington Kent, we have a private studio with OSP Fully qualified and Insured Please visit our Facebook and Instagram page @radiancespraytans for more information Or Telephone Julia on 07552085080 for an appointment

Artscroll Gates and Railings   
has been proudly manufacturing and fittingAutomatic and Manual Entrance Gates, Entry Systems, Security Gates, Railings and Wrought Iron Products for over 30 Years.

Artscroll was established in 1983 and specialises in Bespoke made Gates and Railings, as well as offering a comprehensive metal work service for both industry and to the public.

We are a family run business based in the South East of England and we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship
and ability to manufacture almost anything required by our Customers.
It is impossible to list every service we carry out at Artscroll,
but we are confident to say that the experience and expertise possessed within the company places us in a unique position to offer a total metal work fabrication and fitting service.

Our work consists of Entrance Gates, Automatic or Manual, Railings, Pedestrian Gates, Balustrades & Handrails, Balconies, tructural Staircases, Security Side Access Gates, Window Grilles, post-boxes and many other Metal/Security products and services. You can view an example of our work at Hotham Close, Swanley Village, BR8 7UX – as you go into the close on the right features a Bespoke Automated Gate with entry system to 3 houses on a shared driveway complete with Matching Railings, Manufactured & Fitted by us here at Artscroll Ltd.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation, or you can visit our workshop to discuss your requirements with either Warren or Jasmine Unit 8 Graves Yard Industrial Estate Rear of 96 Upper Wickham Lane Welling. Kent, DA16 3HQ TEL: 0208 854 8944 / 07831213270 EMAIL: sales@artscroll.ltd.uk www.artscroll.ltd.uk/

LOCAL THEATRE GROUPS Do you know you have some fantastic local theatre on you doorstep? Want to experience theatre as good as the West End at prices which won’t break the bank? Steve and Melinda Hunt (who own the Ark Cattery) are both involved in two fantastic local theatres; the Playhouse at Erith and the Geoffrey Whitworth in Crayford. Each theatre puts on 10-12 plays each year, seats cost between £10 and £12 - a bargain at today’s prices. Both theatres have a bar( at discount prices) and you can buy the usual sweets and also ices in the interval. If you want to see shows which are as good (and sometimes better) than the West End, whatever your taste then come along. Have a look at the websites for full details. www.playhouse.org.uk www.thegwt.org.uk

Tranquillity Natural Health and Beauty

Ready for Summer? We have all your Waxing, Manicure and Pedicure needs covered!
Treatments on FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS “on your door step” in Swanley Village.

Competitive Prices Offering: Reiki, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Full Body Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Manicures and Pedicures using OPI Lacquer and Gel Waxing, Indian Head Massage, Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment, Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles), Rejuvanessence (facial energy release), Paraffin Wax Treatments for Hands and Feet, Facials, Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting,
Jennie has been practising since 1996
For a leaflet with prices or to book an appointment please contact her 07967 530 218 email: tranquillity.therapies@yahoo.co.uk

Want to report something to the council but think it’s a too much hassle or think “they won’t do anything anyway’’? Think again - this is the easy ‘hassle free’ way to get things sorted. This app makes all the difference.
It’s independently run by a charity, free to download and use and councils nationwide respond to postings - it works!

The incident you are reporting will be sent to the appropriate council, depending on the incidents location. Job done! Councils do respond.

Make a direct difference to Swanley Village, and download the app. You can still phone Sevenoaks District Council on 01732 227000

Contrary to popular belief, membership of the Royal British Legion is NOT restricted to former members of the Armed Forces. It is open to anyone.
The Royal British Legion is the major charity in this Country that provides assistance and support to both serving and former members of the Armed Forces, and their families and we work very closely with other, similar organisations like Help for Heroes, SSAFA, etc. This is achieved by fund raising and public donations, the primary source being, of course, Remembrance Time when the Great British Public excel themselves and donate millions of pounds at Poppy Collection bases everywhere.
So. Got a couple of hours a month to spare and want to do something worthwhile? You could do worse than join The Legion.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.
Geoff Lees May Cottage, Swanley Village Road geofflees@yahoo.co.uk 01322 662693 or 07766 11607

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