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Current regulations mean that we are unable to do a door-to-door delivery of the newsletter.
If you know of anyone who does not have access to email (or who is new to the village), we should be grateful if you would let them know about the contents of this update.

Litter Picking Friday 26th March to Sunday 28th March

A big thank you to villagers who have borrowed litter pickers throughout lockdown and used their daily exercise to make an impact on the litter in the village.  Swanley Town Council is arranging for collection of litter over the weekend of the 26th March to Sunday 28th March. Swanley Village Residents’ Association has acquired some more litter pickers and high vis jackets for villagers to use.  As we will still be social distancing and unable to meet in large groups, we should be grateful if those who are able took time over that weekend to clear a part of the village near them or where they walk. Litter pickers & hi vis jackets can be collected from 5 Hogs Orchard. Please call 07680 478257 to arrange collection.   Points to drop off the litter for collection by the council will be emailed nearer the time.


Fly Tipping

Lockdown has seen a huge increase in the amount of fly tipping everywhere and our village is vulnerable due to is location near the M25/A2/A20.  Sevenoaks District Council has employed two ex- police officers to tackle this problem in the hope that as well as clearing the fly tipping, they will be able to investigate and prosecute those concerned.

A meeting has been held with the team and in order for more resources to be put at our disposal we would ask villagers to report all incidents via Sevenoaks Council website – search flytipping on: www.sevenoaks.gov.uk  There are other websites, but the more reports Sevenoaks get through that website about Swanley Village, the more likely they are to be investigated.

There will be a further email regarding fly tipping and the action being taken later this month.


St. Paul’s, Swanley Village & St. Peter’s, Hextable.  One church in two locations

Over the last few months, the church has been pleased to serve many hundreds of people on their doorsteps in our two villages. The future course of the pandemic is uncertain as lockdown restrictions ease and if you need assistance in any way, please do contact me on 077990 72845 and we will gladly seek to help.

During these COVID-19 times we're learning how to live a scattered life like never before: Sunday 0930 online church offerings via our church Facebook page, 1030 Zoom fellowship after and I am offering Ramblings in Romans daily at 12noon. As well as much more, sign up for our email list to stay updated. Do not face this alone! 

The online service is available on www.facebook.com/STPHexSV

Rev. Johnny Douglas.


Cllr Roger Gough – Kent County Councillors Report


Recent heavy rain led to more flooding in Button Street and - much more severely than we’ve seen for some time - in Beechenlea Lane. In the case of Button Street, a lot of measures have been taken by Kent Highways, on the basis of concerns that the Residents’ Association and I have raised, over the last year. That includes cleansing and a survey of the Kent Highways drainage system (in particular around the bridge) and work with Highways England for them to clear debris from their ditches. The cleansing of the culvert in Swanley Village Road has also helped runoff. The continuing problem appears to relate to private land and our drainage engineer is taking this up.  She is also investigating the issues in Beechenlea Lane.


The traffic surveys in the village which we initiated last year, but which were delayed as a result of lockdown, took place in January, second lockdown notwithstanding. We are all aware that any results should be treated with caution, given the lower volumes during lockdown, but Highways officers nonetheless wished to proceed, while taking other data (such as past survey) into account. I am currently awaiting the results and what interpretation can be put on them and will update as soon as I have that.


On the continuing scourge of fly tipping, I have asked KCC’s lead officer to coordinate with Sevenoaks DC and with the Residents Association to support further enforcement measures. District Councils are the lead agency on fly tipping but KCC works to support county-wide activity to counter fly tipping.


Similarly, on the long-standing issue of HGVs we have a meeting coming up with KCC’s freight officer to review what measures (in addition to those already taken, such as the changed signage near Watts Farm) can help improve the situation.


As ever, I can be reached by phone (01959 525109) or by email, roger.gough@kent.gov.uk  My website, www.roger-gough.blogspot.co.uk reports on what I'm doing across the Sevenoaks North and Darent Valley Division, and I am on Twitter @RogerGough2


Cllr Melissa Foster, Sevenoaks District Councillor for Swanley Christchurch & Swanley Village

Dear Residents,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe. I hope to be able to report to you in person but in the meantime, please see my report below.

Swanley Park - Please renew your parking permits!

As a resident of Swanley Village you get free parking all year round at Swanley Park from Swanley Town Council and are entitled to a free annual permit. The permits expire at the end of March 2021 and therefore you must renew them by e-mailing csa@swanleytowncouncil.gov.uk with a copy of your car ownership certificate from the DVLA (V5 certificate). If you do not have e-mail, please contact Swanley Town Council on 01322 665855. Car parking is monitored by ANPR cameras, meaning your vehicle must be registered on the town council database, otherwise you will get a fine!

Elim Church Foodbank

The Elim Church on Cherry Avenue, Swanley, has done an outstanding job in supporting the local community with food parcels during COVID-19. If you, or anyone know someone who is struggling during these difficult times to feed them or their families, please do not hesitate to contact Ben on 01322 660793 or e-mail hello@elimswanley.org . You do not have to be a church goer and there are no forms to fill in or any questions asked about your circumstances. 

Plans for the Age Concern Building on the main road

Sevenoaks District Council has unveiled its plans for the redevelopment of the Age Concern building on the High Street (near Robinson & Jacksons). The building will be completely redeveloped and will comprise of a business hub on the ground floor and flats above it. It is welcome news and will help with the overall appearance of the entrance to the centre of town.

Business support from Sevenoaks District Council

If you run a business which has been impacted by COVID-19, particularly if you have had to close / cease operations due to lockdown restrictions, you may be entitled to a grant from Sevenoaks District Council. Please call the KCC business support line on 03333602300 to discuss more about support available. If you are self-employed, you may also be entitled to support from the Government through the Self Employment Income Support Scheme. Please call HMRC on 0800 024 1222

If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to e-mail me on cllr.foster@sevenoaks.gov.uk . Most importantly, please stay safe and I hope to see you in person soon. 

With best wishes,

Cllr Melissa Foster, Sevenoaks District Councillor for Swanley Christchurch & Swanley Village

Cllr Tony Searles – Swanley Town Council – Report


Dear Residents,

It has been long time since my last update.

Did you know that Swanley has its own Symptom -free Testing Site at the Swanley Youth and Community Centre in St Mary’s Road you can book a test by visiting https://kcc.healthhit.org.uk/covbook/home

Swanley has a new CEO/Town Clerk, Ryan Hayman, he has been in situ for about three months now and is a breath of fresh air. He has pushed forward with various projects, like the new soft play area and the total refurbishment of the toilets in the park.

The New Local Plan was found unsound by the Government’s Inspectors last year and Sevenoaks District Council took the decision to go to Judicial Review, but to no avail, this means that they now have to start a new District wide Local Plan. This means that all sites put forward will have to be reassessed.

Planning applications still take a fair amount of my time, making sure there is no inappropriate development plus putting a voice forward at Swanley Town Council on anything that concerns the village.


Hopefully, the planters purchased by the Residents’ Association and plants supplied and paid for by Swanley will make life a little brighter until we get back to some form of normality.


Should you wish to contact me my Mobile number is 07769686100 and email tony@searles.com

Cllr Tony Searles

Working for you



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