Swanley Village Residents Association.
Formerly Swanley Village Conservation

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A Society, established in 1969, which aims to encourage high standards in the architecture and planning of the Village,
 to eliminate neglect and to stimulate interest in and care for the character
 and historic value of the Village and surrounding countryside.

Robert Wallis - Chairman       Chris Banks - Treasurer       Pat Wells - Secretary

Commitee:   Daphne Davis, Jane Emanuel, Paul Harrison, Chris Nielly, Barbara Ramsey, Rachel Wallis, Steve Wells

President  Joan Lamb.


Minutes of the 47th Annual General Meeting held at St Pauls School, School Lane on Monday 13th April 2015


Present: Chris and Mike Banks, Vivian and Barbara Ramsey, Rachel and Bob Wallis, Daphne and Geoffrey Davis, Chris and Trevor Evans, Jane Emanuel, Heather and Bob Harrison, Bernard Stowers, Sally Leach, Mark Johnson, Paul and Chris Harris, Helen Harrison, Elaine Brown, Pat and Steve Wells, Tony Searles STC and Roger Gough KCC

1.      Minutes of the 46th Annual General Meeting      Read and approved    2.      Apologies: Joan Lamb   3.      Chairmans Report:    

  Lawrence Parker former chair, Pat Wells – Secretary, Christine Banks – Treasurer, all committee members who have given up time at meetings, Geoff and Daphne on street light watch, Newsletter deliverers, Roger Gough Kent County Council, Tony Searles Sevenoaks District and Swanley Town Council


During 2 Sevenoaks DC consultations about providing an additional 72 Gypsy and Traveller pitches.

In June a consultation paper was published. All the proposed sites were in the North of the District, around Swanley, Fort Halstead and in Edenbridge. None are in Sevenoaks urban area

The way Sevenoaks identified these sites was to contact all the existing site owners and Gypsy and Traveller groups to ask for further pitches to be put forward.

Residents Association made a formal response to SDC and copied it to Michael Fallon which criticised the consultation process, the lack of timely and detailed information, the limited public consultation in Swanley. There was no consideration of the impact upon local school and health services and the map provided took no account of unofficial or unauthorised pitches in the vicinity of Swanley Village.

But the main issue is the failure to distribute the additional pitches across the whole of Sevenoaks District.

In December a second consultation was undertaken with some amendments to the June map – the main difference was that Shoreham had successfully had itself removed from the list. Fundamentally, however, all the sites are still in the North and none in the South or Sevenoaks urban area. The argument given by officers at the evening public consultation in Swanley was that they ‘couldn’t force’ landowners to offer their land for this use, so even though they had identified some land that could be used, the landowners could argue that ‘built’ development was both needed and more financially advantageous.

In this consultation all the Swanley Village comments listed on SDC website were ‘opposed’.

A further consultation is expected.

Planning issues

We have flagged up a potential development at Standalone (Park Lane) – told all the immediate neighbours.


The culvert and bank erosion is a problem we have not resolved. To the best of my knowledge we have only achieved one clearance by Kent Highways at the end of August last year and that did not involve clearance behind the grille.


Drug usage reported but all signs need to be reported whenever they are seen. Public meetings with Hannah Mungeam have generally been poorly attended. The last 2 surgeries at St Pauls were not attended by the PCSO.

Fly Tipping

Despite the installation of 2 covert cameras this remains a problem all around the village. We did investigate a suggestion from the last AGM to close School Lane, but this proved to be unachievable whether or not it would have been acceptable.

Traffic measures

Roger Gough and KCC paid for a Speed sensor for the village. There are issues over insuring it, but these have now been resolved and the Speed Watch is now in full swing at sites at either end of the village at different times of the day.

After some discussion over siting there are also plans agreed by Kent Highways for signs to discourage HGVs from coming through the village – one at Five Wents and one at the Sutton at Hone end of Ship Lane.


We have new signs at either end of the village and they have come with new road surface markings

The damaged village sign has been taken down – Dennis Molyneux is repainting it and Kent Highways will be replacing it at a lower height than previous

4.      Treasurers Report:

Was read and met with approval

5.      Election of Committee Members and Officers for 2015/16

Bob Wallis has agreed to remain as Chairman, and was unopposed.

Pat Wells as Secretary was unopposed.

Chris Banks as Treasurer was unopposed.

6.      Any other business:

Various villages made their concerns clear and these are as follows:

Mark Johnson – raised concerns regarding the ivy infestation throughout the village. He stated that we have lost a large number of trees over the last couple of years and has agreed to do a survey of those trees he feels are most at risk and who’s property that are sited on. He will send a list of the trees to Daphne Davis who will contact Leo Johns ‘Tree Specialist’ at Sevenoaks Council to do a site visit and give his professional opinion on what trees he feel are most at risk. Residents Association will then contact the resident to request assistance on resolving the problem.

Also noted by Mark was the volume of lorries through the village

Action: Bob Wallis to contact Watts Farm to discuss if the over large vehicles could be discouraged

Action: Roger Gough to arrange for HGV signage to be erected in three sites on the periphery of the village

Trevor Evans – raised concerns on the level of accumulated roadside dirt and the amount of litter throughout the village – information was given to him regarding the road sweeper’s  inability to get close to some verges – he felt that manpower was the answer

Elaine Brown – requested a mirror be erected at the junction of Button Street and Swanley Village road as it is a dangerous blind corner

Bernard Stowers – requested a sign for Wood Street

Jane Emanuel – thanks Roger Gough for the condition of Beechenlea Lane and requested that the verge beside the ponds on the left and right hand side of Beechenlea Lane be cleared to allow for adequate drainage

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