The Allotments              Saved for the village


Saturday 9th September 2017        Grand Opening of the Allotments.

 Thanks to all those villagers  who attended the BBQ and donated goods for sale. The event was enjoyed by all & raised £700


Photography by Dennis Molyneux     01322 669523


Thankyou to The Swanley Village Trust for saving the Allotments

As all of you are aware from previous notices, the allotments opposite the Red Lion was advertised that it was going up for auction. It was therefore essential that it didnít fall into the wrong hands or be ear-marked for development.
You will have heard we were successful (thanks to the generosity of many Villagers and Swanley Village Trust funds) in obtaining the allotments at the Auction on Monday, 24
th July. There was fierce bidding, with the last bidder bidding at £145,000 obviously having a limit of £150,000 allowing us to bid at that price. We were delighted to be successful but obviously as the large number of visitors to the allotments showed, many were interested in the long-term development potential of the site. Thankfully we have avoided a major problem as it was likely that the buyer would have made a nuisance so as to hasten the acceptance of development as a better option.
It goes without saying that without the help of The Trust and the Villagers that contributed, we would not have been successful. If you were (unfortunately) unaware of any of the meetings leading up to the auction and would now like to contribute by way of a donation towards this purchase, please let us know through our email address:

We would be most grateful for your support.
These allotments will now be maintained by Swanley Village Trust in perpetuity for the Village.

From the start of our endeavours, to the day of bidding, was only 2 weeks, which shows that people from our Village can come together in times of need and we hope that we can all rally together to raise the necessary funds which needs to be repaid.

Various fund raising events will be organised - details of some are in this newsletter (BBQ 9th September & Quiz 26th October) Ė others will be arranged and you will be informed of them in due course.

We hope that you all will support us in our efforts.

Swanley Village Trust



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